C Natural Medium (Safed-1) 19 Inch (48.26 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

  • C Natural Medium Professional Flute
  • Right-handed Flute
  • 19 inch (48.26), 19 mm diameter
  • Natural Bamboo Colour
  • A 440 Hz Tuned
  • Free Shipping
  • FLAT 20% Off
  • Best for Beginners
  • Best Quality Assam Bamboo


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Weight 0.250 g
Dimensions 19 in

Assam Bamboo (Dolu)

Model Number


Product Dimension


C Medium DPflutes

High quality profesional flute for beginner and orchestra playing

5 reviews for C Natural Medium (Safed-1) 19 Inch (48.26 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

  1. Subrata Namasudra (verified owner)

    Very good quality flute, well tuned with pleasurable sound ,I loved it

  2. ADHIR MOHAN DEY (verified owner)

    Hello! Today I have received my C natural and A bass natural Bamboo flutes. First I’ll tell about the c natural flute.
    1. Very beautiful flute. Smooth, attractive.
    2. Craftsmanship is very neat and clean.
    3. Durable threading.
    4. Good quality Assam bamboo.
    5. 440 Hz well tuned flute.
    6. Very easy to blow and play.
    As a person Mr. Dinesh bhai is very loving and honest person. You can call him and customise your flute at any time and any ways. He delivers flute in nice PVC pipe. Very safe and secure. He is not providing carry bag you have buy separately. Once you buy flute from Dinesh bhai you will become his prime member. You will get exciting 20 percent discount. Overall my experience is very nice and loveable. Thank you Dinesh bhai.

  3. dpflutes

    Thanks alot Adhir bhai for your wonderful reviews. I am fortunate to have u as a fried of mine. Flute is a means for me to connect to the flute lovers.

    Har Sur Pakka

  4. Kunal Biswakarma

    Good quality bambo flutes.

  5. Prantocby

    Received beautiful flute with best quality tuning, flute responses with very slightest of my blow, even uppermost pa responses with zero stress. lucky to have this one.

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