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Here you are: I can claim that music is in my blood as I was inspired to play the flute by my father. I faintly recollect him playing flute leaning on the bed before going to sleep. Then, at the age of five my desire to play the instrument as good as my father gradually grew stronger. Soon I picked some notes. Seeing my earnest interest in flute, my father made a set of seven holes on a piece of bamboo which I cherished as my very first flute.

I never went anywhere without my flute, wherever I went to graze the cattle like Lord Krishna did or collect firewoods. In the small village I made my name as a little Krishan at such a tender age because my fondness of bansuri was reminiscent of a snapshot of Lord Krishna playing the flute whenever he grazed cows.

Later, my sister and I shifted to a town for further studies. Considering my fervent desire for music my sister found me a renowned music teacher, Smt Shakuntala Devi under whose guidance, I completed Visharad in Indian Classical Music (vocal) in 2000.

While I was in college, I cleared examinations for the Indian Navy in 2005. I always pursued music regardless of where I was posted, But my breakthrough into playing serious music was due to the ample spare time from my duties when I was working in Goa, My fascination with music grew stronger which influenced me to take guitar lessons at Gustov Music Class under the mentorship of my beloved teacher Gustavo Fernandes. 

My unique approach to understanding music was appreciated by my teacher when he saw me play different musical instruments. He insisted that I should take up playing the flute besides guitar and the keyboard because I was already producing excelllent melodies on the flute. Gradually I chose to major more in the flute music alongside singing, and playing other instruments.

My growing confidence as an artist was motivational for me to create cover songs on YouTube. With the rise of people’s appreciation for my online music renditions I rose to becoming an online guru on my YouTube channel.

Eventually, when I felt the need for a good professional flute I collected many by buying them from all over the place. However, my dissatisfaction with them led me to invest in a branded flute even though it was not cheap. Later, I realised the need for multiple flutes of all scales to deepen my learning.

Instead of buying expensive flutes, I decided to make my own due to the fact that I was familiar with flute making techniques, having studied the physics, dynamics and specific sizes and distances between holes to produce different frequencies required for produce the right notes on different flute scales. Many a times I used to dedicate hours on end trying to make a single flute out of PVC pipe. Eventually, the gradual and repetitive process of manufacturing flutes, adopting my own formula, resulted in the development of right skills and expertise vital to mature as a professional flute maker.

By God’s grace, I was destined to follow flutes classes at Vrindavan Gurukul, Mumbai in 2018. Even after taking flute classes from the senior students of Padma Vibhushan Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasia Ji I felt that I did not gain much except the blessings, exaltation and bliss from prostrating to the lotus feet of the doyen or God of the magical instrument, the flute.

In the gurukul, my flute playing and music was secondary to my active interest in researching flutes. I obtained a unique opportunity to curate andI collect various brands of the instruments from my gurus which I used to study to develop a comprehensive concept of professional flutes.

My flute making competencies improved when it got a boost from being constantly encouraged by my guruji Shri Mahendra Nimawat Ji and Shri Bhuvan Dhakal Ji. 

Towards the culmination of my 15 years of service in the Indian Navy, I had gathered enough confidence to start a new career as a professional flute maker in my retired life and a proud provider of professional flutes to established flautists as well as students worldwide.

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